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Takin’ it back to 1989.


Note the banana hair clip in the blonde’s hair, striped shirt. It was sweet. She’s smokin’ a cig too. Hell yes.

Also, I had to give this guy props. Sleeping on the train, yet concealing his identity. Smart man, this one.



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Trouble on the bus

Last night, our bus left the train station. Now, Train Spotters, just for those who are new to the blog, is not just reserved for trains. Spotters are placed on any form of public transportation.

Our driver, JT, pulled away from the station and into the line of cars waiting to get out into traffic. Suddenly, JT turned around and pulled right back into where we just left. We were all perplexed to say the least.

His remarks: “I can’t make this run. Someone might be here. Or, I might be back before he gets here.”

He then ran upstairs to the platform, we assume, to use the bathroom. Poor JT… sounds like he had an upset tummy. Hey, poor guy, not like there is a bathroom on the bus.

So we waited. The passenger next to me looked like this:

Apparently he was very upset that we waited five minutes for our driver to use the facilities. I, on the other hand, was attempting to take a picture of myself sitting in the driver’s seat. On second thought, I decided not to, as I didn’t want to get arrested. JT even left the bus running. Turns out, though, after a brief poll of who carried a Commercial Driver’s License, none of us passengers felt qualified to take us home.

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The Handicapped Seat Taker.

I know we are all familar with this rider:

She sits in this seat EVERY time on the bus. I understand we all have our little sections where we feel comfortable, but she’s in this seat every time. Why not give someone else a turn?

Yep… here she is again… same seat… I’m not sure why she is so possessive about it. I told my friend K, “It doesn’t have her name on it.”  Then I thought, well, maybe it does. Maybe her name is “Reserved for Passengers with Disabilities.” Or, “Priority Seating.”

So recently I managed to have another passenger steal that seat. Just to see what RFPWD would do.


The decoy seat stealer claimed that this was an unpleasant experience. As you can see from RFPWD’s arm, she is obviously uncomfortable and unsettled that someone is in her seat. The Decoy also mentioned that she felt, “Crowded…almost as if RFPWD was trying to purposely make my ride awkward, so I would not sit in that seat again.” Well, RFPWD, mission accomplished.

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Public Transportation 101

This, my dear train friends, is frowned upon. This occurs every morning. And it’s not just a little lipstick here, a little rouge there, it’s a whole freaking Mary Kay pallette that is whipped out every morning while she puts her face on. Note to Public Transportation Rider: Wake up earlier.

 And, as if her putting her face on every morning wasn’t enough, she’s a cell phone talker. NUMBER ONE RULE of public transportation: cell phone talking is certainly frowned upon. It was loud, annoying and then continued with lines from her such as, “Can you hear me? you are breaking up. Every time I call you, you are breaking up.” I believe I speak for all of us fellow riders when saying, “Then hang up the freaking phone.”



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A few good ones.

This guy was eating corn on the cob. AT 8 A.M. TODAY. WTF? Ziggy said it best: “Who does that?!?!” This guy, apparently…

This gal kept bobbing her head, like she’d catch her head starting to drop, then jerk it back up. I kind of wanted to be like, dude, just use the window… she was fun to watch. I have video too but not sure how to post that. Zigg, a little help please.

This lady kept crunching on cereal. Then the bag made that krinkly sound for like ever. Finally she went down for the count…thank God. I thought I was going to choke her.

I was proud of myself for this one. I call it “the reverse angle.”

A couple people have asked me what I do on the train when I’m not spotting.

The answer is quite simple, really. I sleep, of course.


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Sorry for the delay… trainspotting is NOT easy!

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And we thought the train was bad….

check out this Japanese subway:

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THIS… is why we do it.

THIS IS THE MONEY SHOT. Folks, this is why we do what we do. I had a correspondent send this one to me, and props to her for being so incognito in capturing this. It was her first attempt, and this one was RIGHT next to her! Perfect. Special thanks to Baby for capturing this piece of glory.

Remember, you don’t have to be asleep. You may be spotted at anytime. This dude looked like Rico Suave. Remember him? Maybe it actually IS him. I pictured him taking his shirt off and dancing side to side saying, “Rico…… suave…..”


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This lady was RIGHT next to me. I mean, we were sharing a seat!!! I was so excited for taking this without being caught. I mean, I am REALLY starting to get good at this! Afterward, I took a picture of myself with a face of victory. Unfortnately for you, I can’t post that, because it would reveal my identity. I was pumping my fist in the air after this one.

This mullet was too good to pass up. I mean, it’s kicking SO much ass here.

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Travel Etiquette

In the mornings, people do one of two things: sleep or read. It’s either people reading the paper or a book, or people slouched over in their seat, head against the window, rocked to sleep by the thunder of our train on the tracks. These of course, are our victims.

This guy is one of my favorites. Note the suit jacket hanging properly on the hook:

People do not have to be sleeping for me to take their picture. Remember Captain Kangaroo? He was on my train. I thought he was dead. Nope.

Until next time.

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